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Where I am Now.

Hello friends and neighbors. It’s been a while.

This past week or so I’ve had a sinus infection that has turned into an earache. I’ve felt like doing exactly nothing the entire time and as such I have done exactly nothing just about. I haven’t done anything worth writing about, so that’s why there’s a huge gap between my time of writing last and today. I’m quite determined not to fizzle out though. I reckon there’s quite a few manosphere blogs that never get off the ground and I would be stupid to waste the great initial support I’ve gotten by giving up so early. But what to talk about?

Well, the title gives it away. As I’ve said, I’m in London right now. It’s probably one of my favorite cities in the world next to Chicago and Kyoto. I’m here studying for three months and so far it’s been everything I could’ve asked for. Can’t complain at all.

I come from a small town in the States. It’s the middle-of-nowhere personified. I like it well enough, but it’s hard to not feel strangled when you’re there for too long.

The differences are apparent right off the plane when you transfer from small town to big city. It was such a system shock trying to find my way around London to where I was staying, and trying to navigate the tube system right off a flight in which I got absolutely no sleep was tough on the nerves. Tougher on the nerves was that my roommate wanted to go to Piccadilly Circus right after we got settled. I was exhausted and looked fucking horrible but why not?

It’s like a completely different world. We stepped off the tube and in five minutes I had heard French, Spanish, Dutch, German, Japanese, and of course English being spoken. We wandered around looking for a place to eat and my eyes, tired as they were, began to spin. There were so many girls I wanted to fuck.

That’s the biggest change from my home to London. There are so many hot girls from so many corners of the globe. When going out back home, it’s very rare that I see anyone that makes me turn my head. Even at my college campus it only happens so often that I’ve got a desire to approach some broad. But here? Every fuckin’ second. I cursed myself for not cleaning up and dressing up. So many wasted opportunities. But I could steel myself to that because of the realization that this was just an average day in London and in a big city anywhere, really. You cats that live in these bustling metropolises have no idea how great you have it. As disparaging as DC sounds you can take solace in the fact that you’ve got a myriad of options.

Day by day over here I’m reminded of watching some of those clips of Mystery in action where he tells girls that he’s got to find some other reason to talk to them because ‘beauty is common’. It’s so true. If I’m on Oxford Street I can spin in a circle and basically pick from about 10 girls that I could approach. There’s something for everyone.  And it’s just such a constant reminder to avoid pedestelization because there’s no reason. There are so many fuckable women out there that they need to have your attention based on other merits. Yes, we know that’s why we approach, but make them qualify themselves for you beyond that and you’ll have such an easier time.

It’s kind of hard to explain, but if you go up to some broad because you wanted to rip her clothes off the second you saw her, she might very well be an idiot with no personality. Will you still fuck her, yeah, but once you realize she’s not bringing anything valuable  to the table but her looks (which like I’ve pointed out are very replaceable) you can mentally raise your own value in comparison and it will tighten your game significantly. I haven’t been very approach heavy this week because of my illness but the week I started this blog this was the mentality I was using and it was doing wonders. I got a couple of numbers and in the back of my head I wasn’t thinking “I want to fuck her so bad” I was thinking “Is she even remotely interesting?”

I know this is information we’ve all heard already, but I got to thinking that being in London for a prolonged period of time is what really opened my eyes to this. I wondered if a lot of small town guys couldn’t benefit from a week or so in a big city to see just how common beauty is. I reckon they’d lose the pretense of their oneitis being an angel from the heavens right quick.

I figured coming here that my game would improve, but I didn’t think such a core concept would be fully identified like it was.

Anyway, the point I’m trying to make is that going to different places like Japan and London has had such a huge impact on my game. I came back from Japan completely dismissing American girls because for me they just don’t stack up. And now after London, my threshold for beauty is much higher. I will no longer be stuck to the ground, unable to bring myself to approach a 9 or 10 because quite simply I know there are millions of her out there. So for any of you small-towners reading this, do yourself a favor and take as many chances to experience different cities as you can. It will improve you as a person and will enhance your game.