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A double edged—beverage…

When it comes to pick up and alcohol you have to walk the line. It is so goddamn vital that you understand your own limits when you’re just getting into the game. You need to realize that alcohol is your best friend. If she has a few drinks, she is going to be much more open to the varying places you’re about to put your hands. The difference a martini can make between getting slapped and getting your dick squeezed is tremendous.

However there’s another way you need to look at it. If you are knocking back shots like no tomorrow, you are going to lose your edge. And that can be the difference between a +1 and being the subject of some girl’s ego boosting facebook status. No less than three “LOL so some drunk guy used this line on me last night…” statuses have come up on my wall in the past few days and as painful as getting blown out of a set is, do you want to be the guy chicks are laughing and e-high fiving about? No, you do not.

So unless you’re advanced at this shit, do yourself a favor and don’t drink to stupidity when you’re out trying to get a notch.

Short post, but tonight was one of those drink to stupidity nights because I wasn’t out notch-chasing. Cheers, my friends.

J. Worthy