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You will internalize concepts before you internalize lines.

One of the mistakes I made on my first foray into game was trying to memorize lines straight out of Mystery’s books. When you’re trying to remember an opener word for word after having far too much to drink, needless to say you’re going to fuck everything up. I can remember approaching two girls (from behind) at a bar and trying an opinion opener while wasted as all hell. Two of my best friends and I had gone out to celebrate something and it quickly became a contest to see who could black out first (I won) and while my one friend was making an ass out of himself I decided I would try to show off my new ‘skills’ to my other friend.

Slurred words and seasick eyes doomed the approach before it got started, and I made my way back to my buddy with my tail between my legs. But I clearly learned something from the approach as I told him, “I am way too fucked up for this right now.”

And that’s the thing, you can be fucked up and still run game, but you can’t be worried about lines and perfect openers. You have to internalize the concepts first. 90% of the time just saying “Hey” will be better than trying to ask some broad if women lie more than men do or some shit when your head is spinning. For reference, I woke up the next morning on my kitchen floor and had no idea where my car was.

Compare that to a party I hosted (sidenote: Host parties. It’s fucking easy mode. Host parties and get girls to come, you have so much value by being the party host that it’s completely on you if you squander it) a few months down the road from that where I had two prospects and got my +1 with one of them without saying much at all. I just ran my party, was social with everyone, and teased her about one thing or another over the course of the evening before escalating at the end of the night. End result was her in my bed.

That’s what I’ve realized recently is that the concepts of game are slowly being internalized as I digest more and more. More than once I’ve psyched myself out of an approach because I couldn’t remember the exact methodology of the pet shop opener and just felt silly about it later on. But the concept of doing an elderly approach couldn’t be easy enough. Go up and ask her about her jacket, her shades, her suitcase, whatever. Easy.

If you’re in a bar, instead of tweaking out thinking about how to perfectly pass a shit test you should be focused at first just on recognizing them and not getting flustered by them. The right words will come.

Understand that I’m telling myself this as much as I am anyone else. These are still things that I struggle with.

An example for you: I was waiting for the tube in a high traffic area of downtown London and this cute girl in a red polka dot dress sat next to me despite there being empty seats farther away. We sat in silence for a moment and she sighed, looking around. For fuck’s sake, what do I open with? What do I say? Do I remark on the dress? Is it still early enough for day game or should I make some cocky remark? Should I fish for eye contact first? No, we’re right next to each other that would be weird. Ah fuck, here comes the train.

We boarded and stood in the same car, which filled up with people quite a bit. My heart was pounding within my chest as I thought about the horror of trying to open her with all these people around. But ah, we made eye contact and she held it for a second without looking away. That’s your cue, Jack. Time to start putting everything you’ve read to practice.

And there was her stop. She turned her head and met my gaze once more before heading off, never to be seen again. Cheers to you, red polka dot dress girl. Cheers for making yourself ripe for opening by sighing and making eye contact (and not wearing fucking headphones like every other in transit girl in this city). Cheers for picking out a dress that hugged your ass just enough to get my dick up, but not too much so it’s obvious that’s what you’re going for. Mostly though, cheers for making me realize that I should’ve just said “Hey.”

Just keep it simple, folks. If you take in as much game content as I do, you’ll internalize concepts and the ‘perfect’ lines will follow.

Cheers, J. Worthy

(I just want to say thanks to Alpha Persona and Jack Frost for the gracious publicity they’ve given me. It’s created a positive loop where now that I know people are reading, I will be motivated to put out content and my motivation to put out content will create motivation to go out and live content. The best thing about the manosphere is the siege mentality we all have. Against a society that’s trying to change what we all are, we just need to remember that we’re all in it together. Remember that, folks.)